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Trip Title: Driver for Hire. Please Read
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Details about the travel plan.
Leaving From:  USA, California, San Diego
Going To:  USA, New York, Brooklyn
Leaving On:  Anytime
Listed As A:  Driver
Additional Details:  This is what I post on Craigslist San Diego Rideshare: Driver available to anywhere anytime not local (Lakeside to your destination) ride offered I am available to drive to non-snow areas at this time of year. I am a driver here to drive your vehicle to your desired destination. I charge $10 an hour driving time based on Google maps. I base the driving time on what Google maps says the driving time is between two points are. I just did a trip from Miami to New York to Troy, OH to Dallas, TX to Phoenix, Az which according to Google maps is a 58 hour trip. If I drive the speed limit the way Google says and it takes for example 62 hours I still charge for the original 58 hours. On this trip the owner decided he did not want me driving any faster than 55 mph from Troy to Dallas to Phoenix. So from Troy to Dallas to Phoenix it is 2,070 miles and 30 hours driving time according to Google. However when you divide 2,070 by 55 you get almost 38 hours. If I did the whole trip @ 55 mph and it is 3,963 miles then the driving time is a little over 72 hours. No matter if I drive what Google says the amount of hours it should take or if you want me to drive 55 mph then if it takes me longer than the 58 hours or the 72 hours you pay $10 an hour (72 x $10=$720, 58 x $10=$580) there is no extra charge. If you change speed you want me to drive it needs to start at the beginning of the trip not in the middle. There is no charge for wait time, or if we run into car trouble or weather conditions. You pay all expenses which includes meals, motels, fuel, plane tickets and my driving time. I have a 500 mile minimum driving distance. Rideboard requires a start and end destination. My start and end is always San Diego. If you are in Los Angeles area then you pay for train or bus to get me to LA area. If your destination is Sarasota, FL you pay for plane ticket back home. I also drive rental trucks up to 26' where commercial drivers license are not required. I am available to leave asap.
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Music:  Oldies or Country
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Posted By:  Mark (male, non-smoker, 60+ )
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IM Handle:  Service -

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