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Trip Title: Winnipeg - Slocan
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Details about the travel plan.
Leaving From:  Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg
Going To:  Canada, British Columbia, Nelson
Leaving On:  Anytime
Listed As A:  Either
Additional Details:  Why hello! To date, my intentions are to travel from Winnipeg ( tho I live about 45 mins east) to interior bc. My destination is a bit unknown as it depends on work and family bits! If you're hoping to go to Calgary, I have a friend I'd like to visit there, so that would be a good place to jump ship, and easy to work out, if it's your desired destination! If you'd like to continue to bc, then I suppose plans would be a bit different , but I haven't much ought that far! The furthest I believe I will poissibly be going is Trail, then head north,p. But again, this depends on a frw things. May also travel through Banff. ***Though I am happy to rock this trip alone, if I could find some cool company/ travel companion that'd be rad! You'd have to be willing to take on a bit of the driving, cause to be honest, it's not my fav thing, especially at night! So, if you're considering contacting me after that, there's a bit more to take into consideration.., Though I'm hoping to quit the cigs soon, I am still currently a smoker so if your are that's cool. I've gpt a bunch of CDs which is great. *If you're not into jammin super hard on the drive, I'd say this isn't for you. *If you don't don't like spontaneous stops, for a potentially inconsequential reason, also maybe not for you. Since my plans aren't set in stone, there's not real timeline. Path is would probably best suit someone heading west to work, that would also give us something in common! P.s sorry I will only be able to be contacted via email! Interesting responses are appreciated? Cheers! Bailey
Do you fit this description?
Gender:  Male or Female
Smoking:  Non-Smoker or Smoker
Age:  Any
Music:  Oldies or Soul - R&B
Here's how to reach this person.
Posted By:  Bailey Grierson (female, smoker, 24-29 )
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Phone Number: 
IM Handle:  Service - Baileyy1632

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