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Trip Title: Driver available to anywhere anytim
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Details about the travel plan.
Leaving From:  USA, California, San Diego
Going To:  USA, Maine, Bar Harbor
Leaving On:  Anytime
Listed As A:  Driver
Additional Details:  Rideboard.com requires that I pick a state and city where I am going to. I can go anywhere at anytime. What I am looking for is somebody that needs their vehicle delivered to wherever, or they are looking to be a passenger in their vehicle going wherever and they do not want to drive or cannot drive. I can drive either automatic or stick or Penske/ Uhaul type trucks. I can leave anytime to go anywhere including Alaska and Canada but not Mexico. You would pay all expenses based on round trip. Expenses are fuel, food, motel, my driving time and return ticket to San Diego. If I have to drive out of San Diego county to pick up a vehicle I would need fuel paid and driving time for my wife to drive me to your location (round trip). I can also fly to your location. For example if the vehicle is in Las Vegas and needs to go to San Diego then you pay for a plane ticket there. Another example if it is in Las Vegas and needs to go to New York you fly me there and a return ticket back to San Diego. I am open for discussion as far as expenses goes. I would prefer to have nothing local, would rather have driving at least 500 miles to make it worth while. I am unemployed and have been since Dec 14 2011 so I cannot afford to spend what little money I have. If I am notified that you need your vehicle driven first thing in the morning I would have no problem leaving right away, however if I am notified in the evening and it is not an emergency I would leave early morning after being rested and safer for driving. Again I am open to hear what you have to offer.
Do you fit this description?
Gender:  Male or Female
Smoking:  Non-Smoker
Age:  Any
Music:  Country or Oldies
Here's how to reach this person.
Posted By:  Mark (male, non-smoker, 60+ )
Email:  Email This Person
Phone Number:  (619) 993-6577
IM Handle:  Service -

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